Personalised Family Birthstone Bracelet

Personalised Family Birthstone Bracelet

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When we have each other we have everything. This personalised bracelet contains a birthstone for each member of your family or closest friends so you can carry your family with you everywhere you go. 

In the comments at checkout, please let us know the following:

1. Month of birth of the recipient

2.The month of birth of each person you'd like to include in your bracelet.

We will prepare a few design options based on your unique selection of stones and send you a photo of the designs within 3-4 business days. We'll wait for your approval before we pack it and send it on its way.

Size: We add an extender chain to every piece so the default size will fit wrists as small as 15cm up to 21cm, which covers most wrist sizes. If you require a specific wrist size please let us know in the comments.

Made with recycled steel and bonded with 18 carat gold. Our bonding process is different to gold plating and delivers long-lasting and waterproof finish (salt water and chlorine proof!) so you can wear your jewelry all the time. Pretty cool, hah?

Did you know that producing gold for one ring alone generates around 20 tones of waste? We use a tiny amount of gold, a lot of recycled goodness and a lot of pretty awesome science to make beautiful jewelry that is also more sustainable and eco-friendly.